Here is your new Monthly enterprise-wide Auto Insurance Carrier Marketing Google-Friendly long-term “Cash-Cow” with a Limited Guarantee

  • This unique solution is a fit for a major auto insurance carrier marketing team or an up-and-coming regional auto insurance agency with captive sellers who want a shortcut to go coast-to-coast faster and cost-effectively.
  • Stunning, Massive, and Exciting New Program for Auto Insurance Marketers based on leveraging Google’s best practices and our assets.
  • Tactic to access this game-changing 1.1 Billion in auto insurance and P&C organic phrase-match searches to drive more landing page opt-ins and more revenue each month – every month to support your teams.
  • Also, get access to 7.4 million organic “exact-match” auto insurance searches per month.
  • Massive upside and near-zero downside.
  • We live in Google’s world. Still do your PPC. However, I help you take your enterprise-wide organic search game to an elite level by leveraging their organic search rules and my unique assets to your advantage.
  • Based on my intel tools, one of your major competitors is already doing this in-house at scale. But that’s OK because I also have my assets, which your organization can leverage at the reduced risk with our ROI/ROAS limited guarantee. 
  • It is 100% true, at some price point, access to this targeted auto insurance traffic makes economic sense for your organization. Let’s work together to find out what that point is so you can evaluate this project is a fit.

GoogleWho Numbers updated: 6/22/21

Who is this for?

  • Who is this for? This is only for Auto/P&C Insurance carriers
  • multi-state insurance agencies
  • and mid-sized aspiring auto insurance companies wanting a shortcut to get to the next level 
  • See the video for more information
  • Set a phone meeting to see the full list, the secret sauce, and to see if this is a fit


My Story

  • My SEO mentor worked with the Fortune 5 and was one of the voice and mobile search inventors. It came down to my mentor and Matt Cutts as the Google Algorithm Czar job. My mentor wanted more money, so Matt Cutts got the job. I know because we were at the same SEO conference the week this went down. He was sitting behind me and give us updates.
  • So, I was ten years ahead of the game. That is the ONLY reason I can bring your organization so much value and auto/P&C insurance ROI at such a low investment. It’s pretty cool, actually.
  • My magic trick. I can prove what I say is true to you and your team in less than 5 seconds with you using your phone, tablet, or laptop. You can even do this trick with your peers. It’s easy and 100% relevant as Proof

This is $ 4.2 Billion in organic traffic value on just one website. I’m going to help with 350 hyper-targeted auto and P&C micro websites with a true voice-search focus from inception.

How much more can your enterprise make more per month – each month? That is the only central question. Multiply the $900 industry average gross profit per retail conversions times the SEM metrics times the 1.1 Billion or 7.4 million auto/P&C insurance searches each month. Getting excited now? The rest are details and we have the details covered.

Best of all, the details make this look solution even better and better. This is so exciting. Learn more.



Can this massive targeted hyper-niche traffic help your auto/P&C insurance business grow faster?

  • With an industry average of $900 in lifetime gross profit per bundled insurance sale combined with our traffic (1+ Billion searches per month), the revenue potential is massive and stunning. A true “locked-in” competitive advantage to your company.

  • Perfect long-term niche solution for targeting prospects with voice search putting you ahead in the growth niche in search.
  • We offer an excellent solution to reach the elusive and lucrative prospects that use “ad-blockers” since the customers are coming to us organically. Expensive problem solved with this method.
  • This non-shared opportunity absolutely adds value to your company and has a scarcity of one. (Or two if we divide it in half.) Hurry, as the high bidder for this service wins.

What is the most expensive domain name ever sold and how much $?

Why is this important to me and my company? Here’s why…
  • was the most expensive domain ever sold at $49.7 million.
  •— has about the same organic search value.
  •— is just one of the 320+ domains included in your package. 

Credibility – Easy Proof in five (5) seconds.

Below is 100% Proof I can get landing pages ranked in a billion $ industry by following Google’s recommendations. Google will tell you what you need to do, you just have to listen and do what they say. It works.

First of all, I’m the king of my niche in the mutual fund directory. I’ve been #1 in the world in organic ranking since 2011. In the past 12 months:

  • From June 2020 to June 2021, I have had $4.2 Billion in business traffic value on my single mutual fund company directory website with 41,000 unique users in retail investors and brokers and 47,000 sessions. So, I know what I’m doing. I can help your company also.

The Bottom Line | Your Insurance Marketing Epiphanies 

  • This solution is moderatly complicated. It is like checkers vs chess.
  • The dots do readly connect and this can make your company extra millions per month with realitivly small resources. Meaning a large ongong ROI.
  • Some people my never really understand, but as long as it is making the firm extra ROI every month they may not care.
  • However, when you see how the dots do connect, you will smile when you get your empahany.
  • Then you can help other see the value have their empahany, that is long-term projects get started.
  • It starts with you and I talking and reviewing some information so you can see the value proposion, the value to your organization, and how this works.

Check out this Video to help you learn how Insurance Marketing Multiplier can beneift and the steps on how IMM brings value:

  • you to your team
  • your management team
  • your sales team
  • and your company
  • via 1.1 Billion retail auto and P&C insurance organic phase-match searches per month
  • and 7.4 Million exact-match niche organic searches per month.

This more than pays for itself and can make your company millions per more month. (Yet this video is 21 minutes but interesting (dare I say ” excting”)  to all insurance company managers and brings massive new cost-effective cash flow.

Let me know it you want to speak to an expert. Click on the “Learn More” button at the top of the page to schedule a call.

Mic Drop | Proof Above!!!


The domain king, Michael Cyger, confirms that:

  • The Exact Match Domain traffic
  • The CPC$ (real companies paying real money for the keywords)
  • and how many of the 11 max paid ad spaces are taken on the first two pages on a keyword domain name organic search the 2021 keys. 
  • Based on this you will be stunned when you see the data on my 340 insurance domain list that you will get pointed to your new landing pages. 7.4 million exact matches per month, Averages $16.18 CPC per domain, and your list commands over 3,100 paid advertising spaces. You get all this. Let’s talk.

Mike Dunn

Thought Leader | SEO Expert

Mike Dunn