The “Insurance Marketing Multiplier” game-changing voice-search comprehensive plan is for:

  • large auto insurance/P&C carriers,
  • fast-growing up-and-coming insurance carriers, 
  • and coast-to-coast auto insurance agencies
  • who want a clear competitive marketing advantage over the next several years with massive ROI enterprise-wide for fractions of pennies on the dollar.

What this means to your company is you can leap-frog many of your competitors and be ahead of the voice-search marketing curve for fractions of pennies on the dollar, making extra millions per month and increasing your TV and PPC ROI % for no additional investment. This means:

  • Your auto insurance TV ad marketing staff will have an office party with their new ROI and conversion increases with no additional effort or staff budget. This is huge.
  • Your PPC marketing staff will have your also have an office party with their new ROI and conversion increases.
  • Your Organic Search/SEO staff will say, “hold my beer” because the whole company will know they made all this happen. 
  • Your executive management will want to be invited to the parties since their sales are nudged up, ROI % is nudged up, and market share is increasing, retention is nudged up since employees are happier, all for fractions of pennies on the dollar.
  • This is a “game-changing” comprehensive plan that your marketing staff needs to hear about and understand.
  • There is value here for your auto insurance and P&C company. We need to need to determine if this is a fit and what the value is to your company at what monthly service investment.
  • Since it’s a monthly (at least initially) service plan, this is a low-risk and high-return solution with far-reaching benefits enterprise-wide for fractions of pennies on the dollar.

Your company can now go a long way to dominate some percentage of the organic Google auto insurance voice-search in the next year or so with massive ROI % and ROAS enterprise-wide for fractions of pennies on the dollar.


This plan also increases the conversion rates and ROI %/ROAS for TV and PPC ad spend. Just think about what that means to {company-name}? This is that important.

    • If you, or your marketing team, checks this out and I’m wrong, no big deal. (I’m not wrong, btw) Then one of your competitors will try this.
    • If I’m accurate by only half, this plan is a unique and game-changing opportunity that will help move the needle and be an inflation hedging cash-cow project for your company for years to come.
  • Voice Search is the ultimate organic search, with traditionally higher conversion rates over PPC and generic/short-tail organic search. The more niche, the better.
  • Combining voice search with your company now being able to target 340 auto insurance hyper-niche spoken word phrases further increases your conversion rates daily and year-over-year.
  • Higher conversion rates reduce marginal selling costs and increase top-line sales, profit, and market share enterprise-wide.
    • That means happier employees and higher retention rates of your best employees.
    • Which results in happier executive management
    • Your executive management wants to be happy.
    • This is what this plan does for your company.


Organic Voice Search in specific auto insurance niches converts better and is where you need to be. But how can you scale it for your enterprise and for fractions of pennies on the dollar?

  • Better access to 960 million “phrase-match” searches “per month” per Google on the phrases included per the list so your company will control as of 7/18/22.
  • Better access to 5.7 million “exact-match” searches per month per Google per the entire list so your company will control many of the exact insurance phrases people are asking about to their home or car Alexi, Siri, Echo, or other voice devices.
  • I will show your marketing staff how they can (and absolutely should) “independently” verify these numbers in about 10 minutes.
  • You get “both” the 960 million phrase searches “AND” the 5.7 million exact-match searches improved access per month.
  • If our secret sauce can make the harder voice-search work, then you should get more than your share of the easier auto insurance mobile organic searches and desktop searches.
    • We call it “Riches-in-the-niches” with your hyper-targeted phrase and exact match searches on EXACTLY what the customer is seeking.
  • Since you will most likely have a niche asset set up for their unique insurance phrase question, if the Google algorithm sees you have the best match to what the customer is asking for, then you win in voice search and mobile search.
  • The CATCH – The catch is the Google algorithm must do this in milliseconds.
    • That is why our 340 hyper-targeted niched auto insurance and P&C domains mimic their spoken phrase request to make it easier and faster for Google. Google demands fast. We use every Google best practice “white hat” trick for speed and accuracy.
  • Our secret sauce based on Google best practices teamed with our hyper-niche phrase, and valuable auto insurance domains give you a competitive advantage over your competitors.
    • Over millions of chances per day, you will win more over time at a profit.
    • The ultimate goal is for better and more niche leads that convert better on average for your call center and outside sales teams.
  • Even better, I show you how to ‘100% ethically” poach your competitor’s TV ad budgets that have not yet fixed their funnel hole leakages. Great for your company.
    • For them, having a hole in “their” sales funnel | you can’t fix stupid.

How can we do this when others can’t? My Story and how you benefit.

  • My SEO mentor was actually one of the inventors of voice search around 2005.
  • He convinced me to start buying voice-search assets in 2010 before voice-search was announced.
  • He was thrilled that I decided to acquire auto/P&C insurance ultra-high value spoken-word pharsed insurance domains for voice search.
  • I was ahead of the curve then and now.


These results are game-changing for {company-name}. These results easily pay for this service many times over each month. At this point, this is a no-brainer to try.

However, it gets better. Far better.

  • Our service improves your existing ROI %/ROAS on your TV ad spend. Just think about that. This means there’s going to be a party in your TV marketing department.
  • Our service improves your existing ROI &/ROAS on your PPC ad spend. This means there will be another party in the PPC department.
  • Your organic marketing department will say, “hold-my-beer” with consistently very high month-over-month and year-over-year exceptional ROI %.
  • {company-name}’s management will love the nudge in market share and slightly more stable ad-spend as PPC, event marketing, and TV ad costs increase with inflation.


  • Your team and I will match this plan’s benefits in detail to your corporate goals, vision, concerns, and impact on your key metrics.
    • I have elite cost justification business skills.
    • My goal is to make you and your team more successful. With this plan, it’s easy.
    • This plan is a one-and-done completive advantage opportunity. Either {company-name} will control this plan or one of your competitors for many years.
    • Either your team will stick to your most dreaded competitor, or they will stick it to {company-name} for just fractions of pennies on the dollar for years to come. Don’t let this happen without your team doing their due diligence. This is that good.


Next Steps to Learn More


  1. Click below to Download the full list of the 340 assets and the Google stats on each asset. Make sure to check your email for the verification email.
  2. Set up an initial call with your team so they can all get the epiphany on what this stunning opportunity actually is for {company-name}. The more you look at the details, it just keeps getting better.


Click Here to Download the List

Your Company Formulas for “IMM” Voice Search Project

Your Phrase-Match and Exact Match Formulas – you get both so add both together.

It is the job of your marketing team and me to work together to fill in these blanks with the

  • best-case,
  • mid-case,
  • and worst-case numbers for due diligence for marketing and executive management.
    • I have “elite” cost-justification skills. Your team and I CAN get logical and reasonable numbers.
    • There are so many ways we can impact your company with this plan your cost-justification is easy.
    • If your team and management is comfortable with a 100% ROI or 2X return, we’re all good.
    • If we can make a reasonable case for a 10X return for your company, then schedule your office parties.


Phrase Match (I will work with and help your team on this formula)

Phrase-Match Search ($0.00005 per auto ins lead organic search TCO) X SEO page ranking % X click rate X the conversion rate X your sales team’s closing rate X $900 industry average gross profit after commissions are paid for a bundle of three retail insurance products per new sale (auto, homeowners, renters, umbrella, life, boat, RV, etc.) = Net new gross profit in $ millions.

Exact Match (I will work with and help your team on this formula)

Exact-Match Search ($0.0087 per auto ins lead organic search TCO) X SEO page ranking % X click rate X the conversion rate X your sales team’s closing rate X $900 industry average gross profit after commissions are paid for a bundle of three retail insurance products per new sale (auto, homeowners, renters, umbrella, life, boat, RV, etc.) = Net new gross profit in $ millions.

Strategically be one of the leaders in auto/P&C Voice-Search in the insurance industry in 2022 and 2023. Tactically grow your market share faster than your peer competitors.


  • Better Access to 960 million Google organic auto/P&C “phrase-match searches per month. Plus, get a free 8% bonus when you add the traffic from the other search engines.
  • Better Access to 5.7 million Google organic auto/P&C Insurance Organic “exact-match” searches per month
  • Put your company years ahead of your competitors in organic “voice-search.”  Leverage this to your advantage. (Also, add in the extra 8% in traffic.
  • Increase TV ad and PPC ad conversions and ROI %/ROAS for fractions of pennies on the dollar,
  • Between the 5.7 million “exact-match,” the one 960 million “phrase-match” searches per month, fixing a seldom known marketing TV funnel leakage issue, and gaining traffic from your competitor’s funnel leakage mistakes, you should get a three-digit ROI/ROAS for this project.
  • Plus, it will increase your overall ROI/ROAS for the company. It really is that impactful.

Auto Insurance Carrier Voice-Search Short-Cut saving years of effort and gaining profits and market share.

Why is Voice-Search important for Auto Insurance and P&C Marketers in 2022, 2023, and 2024?

Here’s a summary of the Voice Search Statistics for 2022:

  • 2 percent of the United States population use voice search features.
  • 71 percent of consumers prefer to conduct queries by voice instead of typing.
  • In 2021, one-third of all US consumers owned a smart speaker.
  • Voice Search is more popular than typing.
  • People now use Siri, Echo, Alexia, and Google assistant instead of typing.


What is the easiest way for your company to get from where you are now to be one of the dominant auto insurance carriers in the organic voice search marketing channel resulting in massive sales and profits over the next several years?

  • What to get a 10-year head start on many of your auto and P&C insurance competitor in voice search with massive ROI?
  • Plus, increasing the ROI/ROAS on your TV and PPC channels for no extra effort by TV and PPC staff?


Leverage auto insurance niches and voice phrases assets combined with advanced Voice Search SEO/SEM Google Best Practices into one smart secret sauce that you control.

  • In addition to the massive traffic access, this tactic plugs a marketing funnel hole THAT YOU HAVE causing funnel leakage.
  • Unless they know this tactic, everybody has this leakage costing thousands or millions per year – depending on your budget.
  • The investment market has the marketing perfect storm to compound this funnel leakage. Who wants leakage?
  • Why waste ad budget on funnel leakage when it’s easy to fix and with three-digit ROI?
  • Stop your leakage AND profit from your competitor’s TV ad budget leakage. Perfect.

Mike Dunn

Thought Leader | SEO Expert

Mike Dunn